February 19, 2016 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

Member Meet Networking Event: Vancouver

Start the day with morning refreshments, networking and an informative presentation on BC’s Water Sustainability Act.

This BCWWA MemberMeet networking event will be hosted at the newly opened Dutch Urban Design & Development Centre in Vancouver, a centre designed to foster discussions around sustainability, innovation and green technology.

Co-hosted by POLIS.

In May 2014, the Province of British Columbia enacted the Water Sustainability Act, which provides an unprecedented opportunity to fully modernize the province’s water laws. This presentation and Q&A will bring you up to speed on BC’s new Water Sustainability Act: where it came from, where the process is currently at, and what some of the key considerations are moving forward.

Based on the recent POLIS research report, “Awash With Opportunity: Ensuring the Sustainability of British Columbia’s New Water Laws,” the presentation will highlight what is needed for effective regulation development in five core areas, based on best practices from around the world:

1) Groundwater licensing;
2) Environmental flows;
3) Monitoring and reporting;
4) Water objectives; and
5) Planning and governance.

To register for this event go to this link.