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The Environmental Solution to Cistern and Water Tank Cleaning

Cistern cleaning is vital to your health

Cistern cleaning and maintenance is of vital importance. If you don’t have an engineered rainwater harvesting system you will most likely have a lot of sludge and yucky stuff at the bottom of your water tank.

Cistern cleaning via Water Conservation ModeWith our exclusive AquaSave plus technology we can now clean your cistern without removing the water. Most noteworthy, we don’t use any chemicals or cleaning agents. Imagine your entire water cistern – inside and out, floor, walls and all – getting a good scrub down. Depending on the application, we utilize different technologies and methodologies.

Our method could possibly save you several hundred dollars over traditional cistern cleaning methods which require water replacement.

  • Safe for the Environment
  • No Chemicals or Cleaning Agents
  • There is no need to empty the cistern before cleaning

Don’t get yourself into a pickle! New Government regulations prevent anybody from entering a confined space (i.e. cistern) without formal protocol. A breathing apparatus and adhering to major health & safety precautions is needed. The law states the rules clearly. As a result you have to be Confined Spaces trained if you are working in a confined space.

How do we clean cisterns?

At Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. we don’t (need to) enter the cistern. Because the cleaning technician cleans your water tank remotely from the outside. In addition, we perform all cleanings with the water remaining inside the cistern. There is no need to empty it first, in fact, you can save all that precious water!

Please note: As the dirt is sucked up through our machine, there is some disturbance of the water. This will result in some particles distributing in the cistern. After a few days the water settles and is “clear” again.

Save money… get your cistern cleaning done now!

Prices starting at $295* – call us for your area

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