The green approach of our Water Cistern Cleaning methodologies are based upon three important concepts:

  • Cleaning water cisterns without removing the water from the cistern – and without the need to replenish the water in the cistern with water drawn from the aquifer.

  • Eliminating the need for chemicals to be part of the cleaning process.

  • No physical entry into the cistern and no confined space violation, thereby removing the personal insurance liability issue for homeowners.

This “green” approach of “no water wastage” utilizing our proprietary AquaSave plus™ technology – a clean technology – has a number of positive outcomes for our clients:

In areas where water storage is of premium importance and collection can only be done in the “rainy” months, homeowners who rely upon roof collection or rainwater harvesting as their water delivery source have embraced our methodology and this has removed the impasse to getting their cisterns cleaned on an annual basis.

Prior to this it was typical for homeowners to wait sometimes 5 years, 10 years, and sometimes never getting their cisterns cleaned!… all because water would have to be dumped and wasted, and water being at such a premium (and often times not replaceable) homeowners would naturally be reluctant to have their cisterns cleaned.

The second major issue we have overcome is our ability to clean cisterns without the use of chemicals as part of the cleaning process. This is a huge issue for homeowners – the importance of this cannot be overstated.

For homeowners living in BC, a very “aware” environment, the very idea of using chemicals such as bleach and chlorine to clean the insides of water cisterns has been a major impediment to homeowners getting their cisterns cleaned.

Research has identified that homeowners do not want to have any chemicals being used in the cleaning process and especially not dumped into their gardens.

Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. (dba. CleanCistern.Com) has addressed both these issues and we have successfully incorporated methodologies which encompass the saving of water and the non use of chemicals in our cleaning process.

Since commencing business in April of 2013 , our exclusive AquaSave plus™ technology has resulted in savings of over 13.75 million gallons of water (62 million liters) – the equivalent of 124.7 million 500 ml water bottles. 6.8 million gallons of water did not have to be dumped and consequently another 6.8 million gallons did not have to be drawn from the aquifer.

An issue often ignored – but of major importance to homeowners – is the liability component. Enforced government regulations forbid any individual in Canada to enter confined spaces without the required certification and necessary rescue equipment.

Previous methods of water cistern cleaning required the cleaner to enter the water cistern. This is now forbidden, unless all the appropriate protocols are in place for confined space entry, including a rescue team. Since new regulations for confined space entry have come into effect, any individual found to be in contravention of this regulation could be subject to a fine. Amounts of $25,000 to $500,000 are not uncommon.

Most importantly – apart from the danger issues associated with confined space entry – if an emergency occurs on the homeowners property involving unauthorized confined space entry, the liability portion of the homeowners policy would not be in effect. The entry would qualify as an illegal act and the homeowner would be personally liable in the event of a lawsuit filed by the deceased’s family or other charges.

Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. carries full liability insurance. However, because of the cleaning methodologies we incorporate, we do not require the entry of our personnel into the water cistern. This eliminates the burden of insurance and liability consequences for the homeowner, and therefore we do not contravene WorkSafeBC rules and regulations (and incur possible fines), for unauthorized confined space entry on the property.

Our Company Promise To You:

Chemical Free Cistern & Reservoir Cleaning
With No Water Wastage
And No Insurance Worries!