Reviews from our valued customers

Hi Geoffery,  Chandra here from Tall Timber MHP.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful service yourself and staff provided for us. It is extremely appreciated.  I was hoping we could possibly set up a regular cleaning schedule with you guys for once a year unless we think it needs it before hand. If we could have it set for the same date and time as before that would be great. 

Let me know if this is possible, thank again and hope to hear from you soon.
Warm regards, 
Chandra Jones, Tall Timber Mobile Home Park, February 10, 2024

Environmental Cistern Cleaning has been cleaning our cistern for over five years.  Their work has been consistently excellent and the workers are always competent, friendly, and knowledgeable.  The conservation of water in the cistern while it is being cleaned is a very attractive feature of the business.
I wholeheartedly endorse this business!
Kyle Mulligan, August 24, 2023

Hi Geoffrey – unfortunately, I’m not a Google fan and don’t subscribe…nevertheless, I am always very satisfied with your cleaning service and especially happy that the fellow who does the actual work is so willing to answer my questions about the process and any other related queries that pop into my head at the time.  When I meet more people here I will gladly pass on your information if and when the topic of cleaning cisterns arises.  Thank you for being so quickly responsive and for having such a fine person doing the actual cleaning work.

Please do post this if you care to and thanks again to you and Will.
Ritva, July 8, 2023

Excellent service! Environmental Cistern Cleaning came twice to clean and check on our system. The follow up was great! Thank you.

Thor and Ilona, Duncan, February 2023

Thank you for cleaning our cisterns and teaching us about the water systems. We appreciate it very much!

Sylvia Thomson, Gabriola, December 30, 2022


Thank you for the clean tanks from Camp Miriam
Camp Miriam, December 28, 2022

Thanks so much for coming and cleaning. You guys are the best!!!

Jacynthe Kutney, Ladysmith, October 5, 2022

We had Environmental Cistern Cleaning clean our concrete, above ground cistern. Very positive experience. On time. Thorough. Informative. Professional. The technician Will Willgress was knowledgeable, patient and courteous. We feel confident in a job well done.

Anonymous, Gabriola, July 11, 2022

Hi Geoffrey and Sabina – I went to the website for the google review but it made me scratch my head and feel a bit confused. I would have to look at that Google site again to give you specifics but that’s why I’m sending you this email instead. 

I’ve only been here 3 years (mostly Covid years!) so I don’t have many contacts aside from my immediate neighbours, but, of course, I would recommend your service to anyone who is looking for cistern cleaning.
I’ve always (well, 3 years worth of always) been happy with Environmental Cistern Cleaning and found both Kaman and Will very friendly and helpful with my many questions.  As well as Geoffrey, of course, during phone calls looking for information.
I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to call on you for cistern cleaning.  Thanks!
Ritva, June 19, 2022

We were extremely happy with the service from Clean Cistern. They showed up on time, we’re very personable and helpful. So pleased with our sparkling clean water. Highly recommend this company.

Jerry and Bodil Ellins, May 3, 2022

Hello Geoff and Sabina.
THANK-YOU for your prompt and efficient service for our cistern AGAIN.!
We have used E.C.C. for years and every time we get very good service, very good cleaning practices from polite and energetic techs. Our water is in safe hands!!
Thanks again.

Sincerely Fred and Elsiena Pel, March 9, 2022

Will did a fantastic job! Thank you so much.

Suzanne Walters, November 18, 2021

I was very happy with Environmental Cistern Cleaning, who provided a prompt, reliable and thorough cistern cleaning service.

See you on Gabriola at some point, thanks again,
September 17, 2021

Thank you Geoffrey & Sabina
You are the royalty of cistern cleaning!!
Dale Stark, September 15, 2021

Dale Stark review letter

Thank you for your service.  Do you have a satisfaction form to fill out?  If not, I will say that the service received from your company was of the highest caliber.
Satisfied Yellowpoint Client, August 18, 2021

I contacted CleanCistern on a weekend to make an appointment to have my cistern cleaned. They contacted me on Monday morning and had their technician on site later that same morning. He was personable and efficient and quickly got to work. He needed to wait for two days to allow some of the cloudiness in my water to settle. He returned two days later and finished the job. This was at the end of the workday but he took the time to make sure the job was finished properly.
Steve on Gabriola, June 7, 2021

I would highly recommend Environmental Cistern Cleaning. They were very professional, punctual and we were very satisfied with the results.
I would definitely hire them again.
Steve Sheriff,  April 12, 2021

Hi: I was very impressed with the professionalism I received with my contacts with this Company. The work was performed on time and with great attention to detail. It had been 4 – 5 years since the last cleaning so the job was made more difficult. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a good thorough job done well. I have arranged a follow-up check, this time so it doesn’t get too out of hand again.
Bob, March 3, 2021

I was so happy to find Environmental Cistern Cleaning, a company that would do smaller cisterns.
I had tried many times over the years to find someone to do my cistern, but they were only interested in cleaning large ones. But now my cistern is sparkling clean and the water quality is so much better. Everyone was pleasant, kind and easy to work with. Thank you so much.

Hope you are all doing well, take care and be safe.

Pam Lennea, February 5, 2021

What a guy!
Geoff – you have found the best person in this young man – count your blessings as they are one in a million! Kaman worked solid for many hours, determined to make this tank “squeaky clean” – we tried often telling him that enough is enough – it was dark and he had done more than what one should expect. He brushed, power washed, scrubbed — what a mess that tank was in. Looking at it now it is hard to remember what it was like. He will never know how very grateful we are and mostly, how impressed with him we are. He is such a personable and caring young man, a real pleasure to have him around – and what a caring worker! But you already know all this Geoff. When we need the larger cistern cleaned we shall be asking for his presence and his technique in cleaning. It was such a messy job – we were so embarrassed and vowed to never let this tank get like that again – definitely have a diverter in place during the pollen season next year.

We are grateful to you Geoff, for sending Kaman to us to do this “nasty” job! and we are thrilled to have a clean tank to work on now.

Thank you for this wonderful service. I look forward to meeting you some time. And please keep that young man safe and around for many years!

Most sincerely,
Judith Anne, September 22, 2020

Thank you so much , the service was excellent and our tenant says there is no longer any odour to her water 
We are so thankful, we will be happy to recommend your company.
I have e-transferred the funds to you.
Thanks again 
Barb Chase, August 14, 2020

Good evening Sabina & Geoffrey with apologies for an email so late in the day.

I want to let you know that the cistern cleaning at the Grenley residence today went very, very well.  Kaman is a steady and diligent worker, there were times I wondered if he was even going to take a break; thankfully he did.  Having seen the condition of the cisterns prior to and subsequent to their cleaning I have to say Kaman achieved the near impossible in cleaning them to the extent he did.  Having such a competent and  meticulous employee speaks highly of your company.

Kaman also informed me, much to my surprise, that the cisterns are made of concrete; I had assumed they were large plastic vessels.  Hopefully my incorrect assumption and description of the cisterns to you did not cause any problems for you.

Many thanks for a job well done. … Of course you can post my comments but also please let Kaman know how much I appreciated the work he did and his ethic.  He really didn’t stop very much the whole time he was at Neal’s and he did a great job.

If I hear of any other people requiring a cistern cleaning service I’ll be sure to recommend your company.  Thanks to you and Geoff for the service.

Have a great weekend.

Gerard LeBlanc, Shirley, BC, July 1, 2020

Good morning
I just wanted to send you a follow up to your cleaning technician’s visit yesterday. Kaman was totally professional and extremely hard working. As I am sure he will have told you the job of cleaning etc. took longer than either of us anticipated but he was very thorough and made sure every extra detail was attended to. Kaman – great young man – a pleasure to meet and a great learning experience for me since he took the time to walk me through each stage to educate me.
Molly VanPoelgeest, May 12, 2020
P.S. Dave from Polaris Plumbing who is my plumber but also a personal friend was here as well and Kaman collaborated with him to ensure that moving forward my water supply whether rain or creek collection would be safe.?

We recently had our three cisterns cleaned by Environmental Cistern Cleaning and were very pleased with the whole experience. The technician was very approachable and willing to answer many questions about how the cisterns work. (My spouse and I are new to country living and have never dealt with rain water collection before.)
The three cisterns were cleaned without much loss of water and sanitized with an innocuous but effective additive. Further questions were answered by the proprietor by phone and he was also most informative and a pleasure to speak with. We will definitely call Environmental when the time comes to clean the cisterns again. A big thank you to Environmental Cistern Cleaning!
Ritva Saarikko,  April 17, 2020

I write this to commend the excellent work of Kaman Somers who cleaned two of our 2000 gallon cisterns. The sides of the tanks, which contained our supply of drinking water, had become coated with algae. The bottom contained sediment from the precipitation of particulate matter. Both these conditions were compromising the quality of the drinking water and needed to be corrected.

Kaman, representing Environmental Cistern Cleaning, arrived on site, inspected the condition of the cisterns, and thoroughly explained the cleaning process in terminology that we could understand. He patiently answered any questions that we had and took the time to observe and explain features of our water delivery system that we were unaware of. He worked carefully, disinfecting his equipment continuously with each shift in procedure. As the cleaning occurred with the water still in the tank he had to come back three days later after any residual sediment was allowed to settle. At that time he encouraged us to observe the condition of the tanks. They were spotless!

Needless to say, we were very pleased with his work and would highly recommend him to anyone considering the cleaning of their cisterns.


Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the service. Kaman did an amazing job, and gave us a great side education on tanks as he worked. We’ll definitely be adding you to our rotation of future periodic services, and will be sharing your company name with our neighbors, all of which have their own tanks. Wish we could have saved the water, and added to your growing aquifer saving total, but it was pretty obvious once Kaman looked in, that a drained scrub was required. Thanks again.

Steve Manz, Saltspring Island

Thank you for a job well done. The gentleman was very professional and hardworking. I especially appreciate that you were able to accommodate us as quickly as you did. I won’t leave the cleaning as long next time.


Hi Geoffrey,

Though we were careful about filtering the rain weather that drained into our cistern, we hadn’t had it cleaned in over a decade and figured it was time. I phoned around and compared prices. Environmental Cistern Cleaning was pretty much on a par with other companies and could do it within a week. We are completely satisfied with how it was all explained, and the thoroughness of the cleaning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to others.


Hello Geoffrey and Sabina

This is to say thank you for another excellent cistern cleaning this year. I love the fact that the cistern is cleaned without wasting any water, and that one thorough cleaning lasts a year. Keep up the good work.

Kyle and Tim Mulligan

Thank you.
The experience was really good.
We will e-transfer the money today.

With warmest appreciation,

Ray Appel

Thanks Geoffrey for doing such a great job on cleaning out our two cisterns..You and Kaman are both professional and reliable bringing a great service to us here on the island.

Do feel free to use us as reference,



Boswell M. Malcolm, Gabriola

hello geoffrey / sabina

Kaman came by this morning to complete the cleaning

i will call you by Thursday latest to give you credit card info to pay.


i think you have a reliable and good worker in Kaman

i appreciate interacting with him

and getting different helpful tips from him

will call you soon

pui ming

Smiles & Snarls of the Gabriola Sounder September 19, 2018 edition

Smiles & Snarls of the Gabriola Sounder September 19, 2018 edition

I was more than pleased with the service I received from Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. Their Technician {Kaman} was on time and did a great job of cleaning my cistern. I would recommend this companies services to anyone.
Mike Pelzer 250-247-9905


Google review fom May Bowman

Feel free to use this as recommendation on Facebook or wherever. We don’t use social media.
Cleancistern came out and cleaned our 1.250 gallon cistern, and the water is now odour-free. A job well done, thank you.
Paul and Sue Baran, Yellowpoint

Joyce Babula fb comment


i clicked on the google link but i don’t have a google account which i need to leave a review so i couldn’t.. however if any potential client of yours would like to speak to someone who has twice used your services and is completely happy with the service and results they can phone me..
Sabina, yes most definitely you have my permission to post my comment on your website. by the way my water feels softer since the recent cleaning

Lawrence Mayles, Gabriola

facebook comments from happy customers

fb comment from happy customers part 2

Thank you so very kindly to yourself (Sabina), Geoffrey and Kaman for the recent servicing and “great customer service.”
Carl Yokota

Thank you sincerely. Kaman was punctual, efficient and pleasant.
Christoper Loranger, Gabriola Island

Feedback via Square App Customer:

Happy Face   Quality, Customer Service

Prompt and informative. Explained process and instilled confidence in his service. Great job!
Kim Lister & Rick Samas, Gabriola Wine Cellar

Hi Sabine and Geoffrey
Just a quick note to let you know I am pleased with your service, although I have not yet looked into the tanks to see if I can see a difference. Apart from the spider webs I see when I open the lid, I’m not sure how I’d know one way or another! Kamen was great. Courteous, efficient, on time, left things as he found them. Five stars for Kamen. I have given very good verbal reviews about the experience to those who have asked.
I tried to give you five stars on the link you provide, but found it not user friendly. That might explain why more reviews are not appearing there.

Hi Sabina

Kaman did a really thorough job. Good value. Much appreciated.



What more can I say?
Kaman is a treasure.
He didn’t finish with the final cleaning of my cisterns until after 8:00 p.m. – an 11-hour+ day – and he hums and sings while he’s working.
I promised him I’d save up next winter so he won’t have a two-year job next time!
Thanks again –

Hi Sabina,

We had our cistern cleaned yesterday and we are very pleased with the service. Kaman is a lovely young man – pleasant, efficient and helpful in answering our questions. Geoffrey came by during the top up clean and we enjoyed chatting about the environmental water saving aspect of the process. This is the second time we have used the service and we will in the future.
With thanks,
Liz & Doug McKnight
Customer Reviews Testimonials

Kaman did an excellent job. Back for final quick tidy up in a few days.

Thanks for excellent service.

–Ken, Gabriola Island

Hi Sabina,

Kaman was just here and did a fantastic job cleaning the cistern. He said there was quite a bit of stuff on the bottom but the sides were fairly clean. He even cleaned the outside of the cistern. A very nice, professional young man.

Thank you!

Heather Cameron

When my cistern water turned amber this summer, I immediately notified to ask for a cleaning, and Sabina responded right away. It took a considerable time for Geoffrey and Kaman to clean out my two neglected cisterns, not least because they netted up several dead rats! The rats had likely been poisoned by a neighbour and had become so desperate for water that they’d chewed through the basket below my water pipe and plunged to their very last drink. But throughout the job both men were cheerful and good-natured. They came back a week later to pull out any residual particles that had escaped the first cleaning and settled to the bottom. Finally done and with his head down inside, Kaman’s voice echoed, “You’d never believe it was the same cistern!”.

Many grateful thanks, guys. Clean showers now!
Dale Stark, Gabriola Island

Dear Geoffrey,

Thank you so very much for the great job your company did of cleaning out my three cisterns. Your worker Kaman came on time and did a wonderful and thorough job. I especially liked that I did not have to empty my cisterns which were nearly full. I have been telling all my friends that they should call Clean Cistern.Com.
Teri La Scala

 What our clients have to say:

Kaman was so accommodating and he worked so hard, and was a lovely presence. Truly he was a pleasure to have working on our land, and we are happy with the results.

Eliane, Saltspring Island

I had clean and disinfect my 400 and 2400 gallon cisterns. I am very pleased with the service. They were prompt in scheduling the service call and Geoffrey Montgomery-Swan and technician arrived on time. They were friendly, courteous, and efficient. Geoffrey gave me an overview of the process which allows cleaning without emptying the cisterns. He also very willingly answered my questions and made a follow up visit on the scheduled day to complete the process. I think the cost for the service provided is very reasonable. I will have them come again.  

Customer Testimonials Images


Good morning:

I just wanted to say many thanx for your most excellent cleaning job on our cistern today.  It was a pleasure to meet you folks as well.  If you wish, please feel free to use us as a reference.

Hope we see you at the Woodfire, or perhaps the Surf Lodge.

Alex Van Amerongen


 Hi Sabina , Geoffrey,

Thank you for the prompt, pleasant and excellent service.
We will definitely recommend your company to others we know,
that need their cistern cleaned.

        Cheers, Alois & Irene, Gabriola Island

Thank you for quickly and efficiently cleaning my cistern on Salt Spring Island. I had many questions, and you both had helpful answers for all of them. You had tremendous confidence in your methodology, equipment and work, which gave me confidence in my water supply.

Chris Fraser, Saltspring Island

Dear Geoffrey and Sabina:
I want to thank you for the excellent work your company did in cleaning our two large concrete cisterns last week. As the combined  capacity of the two cisterns is 17,500 gallons and they had not been cleaned for a number of years I realize this was a big and somewhat difficult challenge for you.
I appreciate your very prompt service and that you accommodated our schedule to complete the job while we were traveling in order that there was no interruption in our water supply. Your professional approach and your unique system were excellent and I will be happy to recommend your service to my friends and neighbours.
I am pleased to report that now the quality of our cistern water has never been better!
Dennis Pennell, Gabriola Island, B.C.

We had our 3700 gallon Cistern cleaned by Clean Cistern and were totally
satisfied with the results.  They gave excellent and punctual service, without
hesitation we would recommend Clean Cistern.
Pat and Ed Guertin

 Hi Geoffrey,
Just a note to say a big thank you for the splendid job you did, cleaning our cistern. You went beyond the call of duty to ensure that you had done a good job. Which you did, more than 100 percent. Thank you again, we are so pleased with our pristine clean cistern. By the way, the water test that was done subsequently, came up absolutely clear and clean, nothing in the water, just sweet tasting lovely water! 

Ina and Johan Nienaber,  Gabriola Island.

Geoffrey, Alan and Sabine,

Thank you for cleaning our cisterns.

You approached what was a challenging situation in a positive and professional manner. Given that these particular cisterns hadn’t been cleaned in two years and were also hard to reach, the job was difficult to say the least; however, clean them you did, carefully and efficiently.

I also appreciated the clear explanation you gave us of both the cleaning method you use and the maintenance program you offer and I have no hesitation in recommending your company and services to others who need to have cisterns cleaned.

Carol Baird-Krul and Kees Krul, Gabriola Island

Cleaning my cistern had never occurred to me. I thought that my progressive water quality changes were solely due to the water table. I heard about Clean Cistern a number of times and decided it made sense. I can’t believe the difference! My yellow tap water is now clear, it tastes great and even feels different. I’m guessing that my filters and hot water tank will last longer. Geoffrey and Sabina are also super people who go the extra mile to ensure everything is as it should be!

Gera Benoit

To whom it may concern.

I am the manager and owner of Greenacres Resort on Saltspring Island.  A few weeks ago I had CleanCistern.Com clean our water storage tanks. I found them to be professional and pleasant to work with and they did the work without any disruption to my business.  I am happy to recommend them and I can be reached at 1800 667-0774 if you would like any more information. All the best and lots of success with your business in the future.


We used CleanCistern to remove sludge and sanitize three cisterns on our property.  They arrived on time and completed the work as described.  Overall very satisfied with the results and would use them again.

D. Butler

 I have a 4,000 gallon concrete cistern which is fed from a rainwater catchment system off the roof. For personal reasons I did not have my roof or gutter cleaned last year. Even though I have several outside filters I had a lot of pollen and dirty sludge accumulate in my cistern.
I called Geoffrey and Sabina to come and clean up this mess. We made an appointment. They arrived on the date and time that we had arranged and got straight to work. They were experienced, friendly and very helpful. They have a new vacuum system that is quiet and very efficient. The machine sucked up the sludge with just a few gallons of water, no chemicals were used and no mess was made and in a very short time my cistern was clean and shiny.
I would recommend Chemical Free Cistern Cleaning to anyone that needs their cistern cleaned in a quick, proficient and environmental friendly way.
Thank you for your excellent service.
Jean Wisdom, Gabriola

 ‘Sabina and Geoffrey have been meticulously and lovingly caring for our rainwater cistern for over one year. They’re helpful with reminders, when to suggest Hydrogen peroxide and tuffy-bag replacement, as well as being a source of help for our tenant. I feel our water system is in good capable hands.’



Environmental Cistern Cleaning

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