Why does Health Canada recommend having our water Cisterns cleaned and disinfected every year?

For all of us living in rural areas it’s vitally important to have this done, and here are some of the reasons why we should think about this closely.

One of the most important aspects of any daily regimen is to drink water. Now we all know of course that’s important, but more critically we must consider where this water comes from.

Essentially we have 3 choices ranging from:

  1. Well fed from Aquifer / Ground water,
  2. Rain water harvested from roof collection, or
  3. Water delivery as the third option

For most of us this collected water will be stored in a cistern or water tank. That is where the problems start.

Problems primarily start right at the storage device – the water cistern, because the majority of us never have it cleaned. And the reason we don’t have it cleaned is because of false presumption that all is ok. Because when the tap is turned on, Voila! Clean looking water comes out of the spout.

A False Assumption

The assumption that is made is that all is ok. But unless we’ve opened the lid of that poly or concrete cistern or storage tank and looked inside with an underwater light, it’s pretty much impossible to really know what kind of condition our water cistern storage is in. And herein lies the problem. It’s what we don’t see that could be harming us.

image of sludge removed from cistern

Sludge from Cistern

E-coli, Total Coliforms, and other bacteriological nightmares could be lurking and the first indication something is amiss usually comes via an upset stomach or a worse affliction…

Only when E Coli and Total Coliforms are physically removed and the cistern disinfected such as when Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. performs a complete cleaning, can confidence return.

image of clear glass container like cistern

Glass Container

Here’s something to think about: If our water cisterns were made of see-through material like glass, we’d be able to see immediately the condition of our water storage cistern and most of the time it would shock the heck out of us, imperiling us to take some pretty immediate cleaning action!

The Lowdown on Dirt

We have found typically on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, if the water source is an Aquifer or ground water coming into the cistern, the whole cistern interior would be very likely coated with either iron, manganese, clay/rock flour or all 3 of these elements.

image of pine needles collected from a cistern

Pine Needles

And for those people who collect rainwater via roof collection there are different elements of concern. For example, bird poop on the roof will wash into the cistern… airborne contaminants, pine needles, tree sap, general roof dirt, all sorts of debris from trees will arrive on the roof and eventually work their way into your cistern…and this can include critters and other small animals inadvertently finding their way in…but the one gift of “natures nectar” which you definitely don’t want in your cistern…


You will soon know if it does enter the cistern because within a short period of time the odour emanating from your cistern will remind you of a backed up septic system!

Luckily our cleaning process removes the pollen and the resulting smell.

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