August 17, 2023 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Life on Gabriola can be quite different from life in a city

The Gabriola Sounder recently published a special section in their newspaper: 24h Gabriola

We are proud to be one of the businesses mentioned in this special edition. Probably because cisterns are a way of life on an island, and it is our daily life, cleaning and disinfecting cisterns for our treasured customers (both homes and businesses).

Here the full article, in case you missed getting a copy of the Sounder:


Discover the extraordinary journey your cistern undergoes during our meticulous cleaning process. If your water source is rainwater harvested from your roof, you might relate to the challenges we face – from pesky needles and bird droppings to stubborn dust and dirt. But there’s more to it; imagine encountering unexpected guests like mischievous mice, playful squirrels, or even the occasional curious rat. It’s a wild world up there, and we’re here to tackle it all.

For those with well water, our expertise takes on a different hue. Iron, presenting itself as a brown tinge, manganese in its intriguing black shade, and the elusive clay with its white
milky appearance – we’re equipped to address them all. But brace yourselves for the unexpected; frogs, worms, and a delightful array of critters might just surprise you. We pride ourselves on the diversity of challenges we conquer!

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in our work. Our cleaning process saves approximately 80% of the water, ensuring your conservation efforts continue unhindered. However, in extreme cases where water quality isn’t up to par, we offer our specialized “clean & drain” service at no extra cost. Rest assured, this decision is always made with your best interests at heart, ensuring your water supply remains safe and reliable.

Should the need arise, we’re more than willing to assist you in arranging a refill. Unless, of course, you’re blessed with a prolific well that effortlessly replenishes your cistern. Our passion lies in transforming your cistern from a potential breeding ground for inconveniences to a pristine oasis of water quality.

Embark on this journey with us, as we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary – a cistern cleaning experience like no other.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and let the magic unfold!

A day in the life. Gabriola 24h scaled