March 26, 2021 Sabina Montgomery-Swan

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After several months of lock-downs and isolation the province of BC re-awakens returning to a more normalized state, but there is one element which is constant: The need to ensure water supplies are drinkable and contaminate free. And today it is more important than ever to ensure your water is up to the task… hydrating you with germ free, uncontaminated water.

Build-up over Time

Little used water can build up Bacteria, E- Coli, Cryptosporidium, Viruses, in the water cistern storage tank or reservoir.

Whether you collect water from a well or a roof, the same issues apply, with the added concern for roof collection users of pollen entering the cistern. That pollen, if left unchecked and unremoved, will add a disgusting rank odor, akin of how a backed up septic smells. And yes, with our process we can remove the pollen and the odor!

Good Health or Illness?

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A vital component to your health needs re-invigorating – the water you consume every day from your cistern or reservoir. This is the link between good health or, the possibility of contaminated water being the cause of illness.

Ask the Pro's

As specialists in the cleaning of water cisterns and reservoirs for the past 8+ years, our unique and proprietary Environmentally sustainable cistern and reservoir cleaning process is without equal.

How do we do it?

Our process starts with the complete cleaning of the interior of your water cistern, removing all the dirt, sludge, and any elements such as Iron, Manganese, Clay, from your cistern water. A thorough scrub down follows the physical removal of all the nasty stuff, and finally a complete disinfection using high strength Hydrogen Peroxide to ensure no contamination remains.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

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Hydrogen Peroxide is a Contact Sterilant, requiring no residual time to be effective. It is being used in hospitals and water treatment for many years in different parts of the world and forms the basis of all our disinfection protocols since our company inception in 2013.

After the cleaning of the cistern and the ensuing disinfection of the cistern and water, several things are noticeable: all odors are instantly removed, the water tastes great and is oxygenated (particularly good for your health) and as an additional bonus, all plumbing lines will also be disinfected, as Hydrogen Peroxide consumes organic material deposited in water lines over time and helps to remove it.

Additional Bonus

Additionally, for those on septic systems, through the naturally occurring oxygenation process, the Hydrogen Peroxide treated water will also enhance septic field operation.

Hydrogen Peroxide has been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a Covid-19 disinfectant.

Final Piece of Good News

It’s a triple win for you – no costly water replacement (often the cistern cleaning cost is less than the water replacement), no interruption in your water service (you could even be showering while we clean your cistern!) and no Environmental damage.

So, what are you waiting for?

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