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Value Water

Don't Take it for Granted...

The value of water is about much more than only its price. After all, water is what connects every living cell in our bodies. It has life and it continues through its own consciousness to heal & nourish, and it is fundamental to life itself in the making of life.

Water has memory and intelligence of its own. But imagine if your water storage supply is not well maintained – a cursory glance from time to time into your water storage cistern will not reveal its quality. Water quality is determined by cleanliness and the absence of Pathogens, E-Coli, Viruses, Cryptosporidium etc., which remain invisible to the naked eye, but replicate easily in a dirty water cistern lacking in oxygen and containing organic dirt.

Organic dirt is typically rotting leaves, pine needles, pollen, expired rodent carcasses, bird poop and roof dirt for rainwater collectors. And for well-water users count on sludge, manganese, iron, and rock flour making up the menu. This and more will be in water cisterns – despite all best efforts it is virtually impossible to keep all this nasty stuff out!

So, accept the fact that much of this is probably in your water storage cistern right now.

It needs to be removed, and we are the most experienced company best equipped to solve this issue. Property management companies, water treatment companies, farms, B&B’s, Canada’s Coast Guard, the Town of Lake Cowichan’s 1,000,000 gallon central water storage reservoir and the Village of Alert Bay are just a small sample of hundreds and hundreds of homeowners and businesses who rely upon our company’s water cistern cleaning service to ensure their water cisterns are in the best possible condition of cleanliness.

Make a point of celebrating your access to a good supply of what does you good.

And when the time comes that you need to have your water storage cistern cleaned for your ongoing good health – especially important in these challenging health times – ensure your immune system is receiving the best water possible, drawn from a cleaned and disinfected water storage cistern cleaned by Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning.

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