June 18, 2019 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
(Last Updated On: June 18, 2019)

Level 3 drought declared

Below-normal stream flows and signs of drought in smaller streams have caused British Columbia to declare a Level 3 drought rating for the Fort Nelson area and for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

What actually means ‘Level 3 Drought’?

Level 3 drought conditions call for voluntary water-use reductions from all surface water and groundwater users. This applies to residents, industry, farmers, and municipalities.

What happens if it doesn’t get better (or if it doesn’t rain which is very unlikely)?

If voluntary reductions of water use do not maintain flows above critical levels, the province may consider regulating water usage under the Water Sustainability Act. Specific actions could include temporarily suspending water licences or short-term water approvals to restore flows to minimum critical levels in the affected streams.

Please read full article by Todd Westcott in Water Canada on June 10, 2019