February 20, 2024 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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As the vibrant colours of spring begin to bloom, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and embrace the season of renewal. While many focus on traditional spring cleaning tasks like decluttering, organizing and window cleaning, one essential aspect often gets overlooked – cistern cleaning. Let’s explore the importance of including professional cistern cleaning in your regular spring maintenance routine and why being the early bird truly gets the clean cistern!

  1. Water Quality Assurance: Spring is a time when we become more conscious of our surroundings, and that includes the water we use. The cistern, a vital component of your water storage system, plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of contaminants, ensuring your water remains pure and safe for use and consumption.
  2. Preventing Unpleasant Odors: Stagnant water in the cistern can lead to unpleasant odors that affect not only the water itself but also the entire plumbing system. Cleaning the cistern early in the spring ensures that you start the season with fresh and odor-free water.
  3. Avoiding Costly Repairs: Neglecting cistern maintenance can result in the accumulation of sediment, debris, and bacteria, which may lead to clogs and damage over time. The cost of repairing or replacing a cistern can be significant, making preventive cleaning a wise investment in the long run.

A clean cistern is an efficient cistern. Removing sediment and debris allows your water storage system to operate at its full capacity.  In most cases, we can remove the sediment without having to drain all the water. Approximately 50 gallons of water is needed to do a cleaning, leaving most of the water in the cistern. This not only ensures a reliable water supply but also contributes to water conservation efforts.

Be the early bird:  The saying “the early bird gets the worm” holds true in cistern cleaning. Spring is the ideal time to tackle this task before the warmer weather encourages the growth of bacteria and algae. By being proactive, you’ll set the stage for a season of clean, refreshing water.


In the grand symphony of spring maintenance, don’t forget to give your cistern the attention it deserves. Clean water is essential for a healthy home and well-being. So, this spring, be one of the early birds – proactive in ensuring your cisterns are clean and ready to provide you with the purest water possible. Embrace the season with a fresh start, a clean cistern, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve taken a vital step towards a healthier home.