March 13, 2019 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
(Last Updated On: March 13, 2019)

Do you have gutter guards installed?

It’s time to think about rainwater harvesting. In a few months, we will have for sure drought conditions again and everybody on cisterns will be thinking: “I should have installed more cisterns…”. Watch here what gutter guards can do for your cistern/s. This video is already a few years old (and the incentives from Monterey Country shown at approx. 6 minutes into the video may not be available anymore), but the theory around rainwater harvesting doesn’t really change.

In case you don’t have gutter guards (yet) and all the debris ended up in your cisterns, you know who to call…

Courtesy of EasyOn Gutter Guard

Did you forget something?

Our busy time of the year is fast approaching… did you want to book that cistern cleaning to reserve your spot?