February 4, 2020 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Happy Rainy Days for the Westcoast

There is nothing like a good ongoing influx of rain barreling down the roof and gutters into the water cistern. That gurgling sound has recently bought smiles to faces all over the west coast to those who rely upon rainwater collection, and ground water to fill water cisterns and reservoirs.

But – with all this “liquid sunshine” comes a darker side.


But, continuing with good news – this is the ideal time to have us come and remove all the unwanted dirt, debris, and roof contaminants which will have made a home in your cistern.

rat lying sideways

Critters you don’t want in your cistern

Additionally, rural Well owners are reporting increased amounts of the usual manganese, iron and clay entering their water cisterns together with dirt-bearing well water.

Whether you collect your water from a well or via roof collection, no need to be concerned about losing all that  coveted water recently collected, instead we’ll remove all the stuff you don’t want in the cistern leaving you a sparkly clean and disinfected cistern with the precious water still in there!

However, leave it too long and this guy may appear!

sharksOur 2013 company mission statement is still as valid today as then: “We are in business to conserve water, using our unique Environmental Cistern and Reservoir cleaning methods”.

To date our unique environmental cistern cleaning methods are close to surpassing 40 million liters of water savings.

So how have we accomplished this?

The combination of not discharging the precious water prior to cleaning, together with eliminating the need to refill the water cisterns after cleaning them is unique to our process. Whether it is a 250 gallon cistern or a 2.5 million gallon reservoir –  our priority is always the same – ensuring the environment is unharmed and ensuring the maximum amount of water remains after cleaning.

Please consider selecting Environmental Cistern and Reservoir cleaning as your water cistern and reservoir cleaning company. Our water conservation contribution is only made possible by the hundreds and hundreds of customers who have selected us to clean their  cisterns since those early days… and during the past year we have expanded our unique cistern cleaning service to include reservoir cleanings – those big fellas – which are the lifeblood of a central water system.

Forward thinking by the Town of Lake Cowichan for their 1,000,000 gallon water reservoir cleaning, together with recently completed cleanings for the Village of Alert Bay’s 500,000 gallon reservoir and the Western Forest products’ 250,000 gallon reservoir in the community of Holberg all received high praise for the efficiency, affordability, and innovative use of our exclusive ROV technology and huge water savings.

All reservoir cleanings were completed without the need to dump the water, and no interruption in water service for their customers.

So now it’s your turn! Take advantage of our unique water cistern and reservoir cleaning.

Enjoy the quality of the remaining water in your newly cleaned and disinfected water cistern…

Sizes from 100 gallons to 5,000,000 million gallons and everything in between. Make it part of your contribution to our planet’s survival and your own health.

A simple phone call to 250-713-9797 is all it takes to get the ball rolling to arrange a cistern or reservoir cleaning. And yes, we are real people, so we can answer all the questions you may have… Or, if you prefer, our webpage https://cleancistern.com has a ton of good info as well. If ordering your cistern cleaning online is what you prefer, here is the place to start: https://cleancistern.com/bookings/