March 10, 2021 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Cleaning Cisterns is NOT a Glamour Business - but it is an Essential Service!

When it becomes necessary to have your water cistern or water tank cleaned, it is comforting to know that the company other homeowners trust and rely upon to get the job done right, has been providing this safe and Environmentally positive service to Vancouver Island residents and many Gulf Islanders for 8 + years.

Removing the need to empty and discharge the water prior to cleaning, and with no personnel entering the cistern (confined space liability issues…) and no Environmentally damaging chemicals used, the end result is this: All our customers experience a superbly cleaned water cistern, with the water still remaining inside and all the dirt removed!

Exceptions to the rule

Now there is an exception to the rule about not discharging the water. There are times when it may not be safe to retain the existing water – even after we have cleaned – so, at no extra cost, we do offer the option of a ‘Clean and Drain’ for those customers who would prefer this choice.


It feels like that to many of our hundreds of customers who often can’t believe the before and after differences of our cleanings.

Poly cistern 1 before cleaning

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Poly cistern 1 after cleaning

Poly cistern 2 before cleaning

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Poly cistern 2 after cleaning

Rural homeowners rely upon either well-water or rain catchment to fill water cisterns and tanks, but it is important to understand the function of a water cistern.

Functions of a cistern

In addition to acting as the water storage device it also functions as a dirt collector.

This dual function allows – in theory at least – clean water to flow throughout the house plumbing and leave the dirt behind. Unfortunately, it does not quite work out this way as any collector of water will tell you. Water cisterns and tanks harbor all manner of dirt, debris and organic material including iron, manganese, clay, pollen, roof dirt, decaying leaves, expired rodents, bird poop etc., with all of this eventually becoming part of the water storage contents i.e. the water itself.

No matter how expertly you screen and filter the incoming water, it’s a guarantee that dirt will be part of the cistern contents, the water you consume.

Best Cleaning Time

With spring on its way, right now could be the best water collecting and storage time: With wells recharging, wise well-users and rain-water collectors ensure their storage cisterns and water tanks are scrupulously clean ready for newly collected water.  

We are the professionals and experts – it is our proprietary cistern cleaning process developed in-house by our cleaning experts that produces these 5-star results.

In addition to our cistern cleanings, we offer disinfection of the cistern interior and the water, utilizing Hydrogen Peroxide.


Our disinfection process will also disinfect all the plumbing lines, oxygenate the water (great for drinking as it will also remove bad taste), and finally, enhance your septic field operation via the oxygenation it brings to the biological breakdown within the septic system process.

So, whether you want to experience great tasting water, a cleaned cistern, chemical free cleaning, or a “positive” for the Environment, you get it ALL from only one source: Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning.

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