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Entering a cistern is dangerous

Entering a cistern without prior knowledge and training can do more harm than good. There are hazards in the manual cleaning of a cistern, including oxygen deficiency, uncontrolled increase in liquid level, and a slippery surface. Even professionals trained to work in confined spaces are at risk of these dangers. When an accident occurs, there will be expenses from damage to property, hospitalization bills, and worse, death of personnel.

Going inside a cistern – not so cool!

To eliminate risks of safety-related accidents, we at Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. employ environmentally sustainable cleaning methods that do not require technicians to enter cisterns. In other companies that perform manual cistern cleaning, water is removed from the cistern before the entry of the cleaner. After that, the cleaner will scrub all the surfaces using bleach; this will be followed by water refilling. Consequently, large amounts of water are wasted in this practice. With high demand for water in many parts of the world, water wastage, especially on this scale, that process just doesn’t seem right.

No physical entry needed

Since 2013, we have been carrying out deep cleanings of cisterns efficiently without physical entry. Draining the cistern is no longer needed. Therefore, we save a lot of precious water. We also do not use bleach in cleaning, thus avoiding harmful discharge of substances to the environment.

a rainwater harvesting system

A rainwater harvesting system

Poly cisterns or concrete cisterns?

Poly or plastic cisterns are widely used for residential water storage due simply to their affordability and ease of installation. They are generally lighter and easier to handle. They can be located underground, at ground level, or aboveground. The plumbing system for the plastic cistern is also easy to install, and different designs are readily available according to your needs. Plastic cisterns require less time for construction and need minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the strength and durability of the plastic piping reduce the risk of leaks, deformation, and breakage during catastrophic events such as earthquakes.

When is cistern cleaning needed?

Biological fouling and hard sediment build-up are the last things we want to see in water storage tanks. It’s a smart idea to clean and disinfect them on a regular basis to maintain a quality water source, whether groundwater or rainwater. Cleaning should be done at least once a year to remove sediment build-ups and sludges. However, more frequent cleaning can be performed if the water looks murky or smells unusual. If there are suspected contaminant intrusions such as entry of pests like rodents or insects or if there is a possibility flood water that may have entered, cleaning must be done. Lastly, after repair and installation of plumbing parts, you might consider cleaning and disinfecting to ensure all contaminants are removed from the system.

Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. at your service!

With our AquaSave plus™ technology, we can thoroughly clean cisterns with optimal water utilization. Using this sophisticated technology, we have already saved over ten million gallons of water. Our company’s green approach surpasses the traditional methods of cistern cleaning as we showcase safe, cost-effective, and reliable cleaning services. In addition, there is no contaminated wastewater generated with our cleaning method since we do not use cleaning agents. Additionally, we keep our personnel from the potential dangers of confined spaces as there is no need for them to enter the cistern. Our customer’s insurance is at no risk of liability charges. Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc. has workmen’s compensation and full liability insurance.

For your cistern cleaning service needs, you can book directly on our website. Or give us a call – a real person will answer the phone to answer all of the questions you may have. Our services are chemical-free, worry-free, don’t waste water and are reasonably priced. Visit our website to learn more about us and become one of our satisfied customers.

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