March 31, 2016 Sabina Montgomery-Swan

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water restrictionsChanging rainfall patterns and drought has forced municipalities to become accustomed to water restrictions during the warm/hot summer months. Restrictions will depend on damn levels and how much rain has fallen in the water catchment area where you live. As water restrictions are seasonal, you will probably see a higher restriction stage in the drier summer months.

Water restrictions are essential to ensure healthy and reliable of water supplies now and into the future. Penalties will apply if you don’t follow the rules making it important to be aware of the formal restrictions and adopt water wise habits as part of your daily activities.

As more and more restrictions are coming into effect – and earlier every year – it makes sense to supplement your water source with the addition of cisterns to collect rain water.

If you are relying on a cistern for all of your water needs, it is imperative that you keep that water vessel clean. Health Canada recommends to have a cistern cleaned (and disinfected) once when it is installed and then yearly thereafter. Call us now to get your cistern cleaned.

NOTE: Restrictions don’t apply if you’re using rainwater from your own cistern.