February 19, 2019 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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How to solve your dirty water problem and not let your cistern become a Petri Dish!

Article by Geoffrey Montgomery-Swan

The challenge today revolves around perception and the reality of the issue at hand. Most who live in rural areas rely upon Wells or rainwater collection for their water source, and with this reliance come certain issues, or for some, problems which never seem to go away. We’re all familiar with the rotten eggs smell created by Hydrogen Sulfide – once you’ve smelled this aroma the whiff which is present always seems to be in our ‘smellarama’ area!

image of very dirty cisternOr maybe it’s not odors  prevalent in your water which drive you crazy but…the reddish brown mix that after a while creeps up on you – first noticed in the toilet bowl, or maybe your clothes washing looks a bit off…and if the “irony” look is not so prevalent, but – and this is a real winner – after a while you notice bits of black stuff seeming to congregate in your dishwasher, or makes a nice black ring around your toilet bowl…lucky you! You’ve got manganese in your water – and will keep you busy trying to get rid of it.

Ah-ha you say to yourself let me bring in the water expert he’ll know how to solve this problem and sure enough $3000 – $5000 later you’ve solved the issue – or you think you have but, and this is a very big BUT, you’ve only masked the problem.

Remember all those health directives about how you should take this pill for this ailment or that? Well this is the same thing…its costing you a fortune to discover all the magic filtering in the world ain’t going to cut it, if the root cause of the problem is not taken care of.

And this is where the lightbulb moment needs to shine through…the big fancy filters are NOT going to solve the problem and here’s why.

Just like the doctor prescribing a pill for this or that ailment, it doesn’t solve the issue because it doesn’t get to the root cause.

It’s the same thing with poor quality and organically challenged water. A band aid in the form of a filter, masks the problem but does not cure it.

There is ONLY ONE WAY to correct this issue, go to the source, in this case your water storage device called a water cistern, and inside you will discover it will be coated in iron bacteria or manganese or clay (another fan favourite!)

image of pills

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Unlike the prescription of “take a pill the headache will go away” – syndrome there is a perfect solution, inexpensive, doesn’t require big filter canisters sitting in your basement or pump room, or spending copious amounts of money…

This solution is based upon fixing the problem at the source.

What you may ask is it?

The solution is all based upon eliminating the cause before it gets into your home plumbing, contaminating your plumbing lines with these organic but nasty elements.

We provide the solution every day for rural homesteaders who rely upon well water or roof collection for their water source…

And the solution is…getting your cistern cleaned. This is where all the dirt, pollution, iron manganese, clay, and other nasties reside…it’s THEIR home, and the only way to eliminate the problem is for Environmental Cistern Cleaning to come and clean it.

Simple, Right?

You see we know what it takes to solve your problem.

By cleaning with our unique and proprietary Environmentally friendly Cistern Cleaning system, we remove all the nasties, disinfect using Hydrogen Peroxide – (this totally safe contact sterilant is used in Water Treatment Plants and Hospitals around the world) – and will bring your water storage back to a new condition.

Remember those days when your cistern was first installed how the water left everything looking nice and clean, no more grey looking whites, no more black or irony looking stuff in dishwashers or clothes washers?

There was water “clarity” because no build-up of organic material in the cistern had occurred.

At Environmental Cistern Cleaning we will restore your cistern to a new looking condition, water will look and feel good once again no more nasties, no more grey clothes, no more unpleasant odors, ALL GONE! Nothing but great tasting and clean water from your water cistern again, all at a fraction of the cost of a big fancy filter designed to stop you seeing all the junk coming into your home.

But you may still want to put a filter inline – but recognize – it can only function efficiently and effectively if the water source entering is clean.

Because guess what! If you don’t make sure your dirty water cistern storage is clean…this filter TOO WILL PLUG UP!

Remember a dirty water cistern will always harbour contaminants, and you CANNOT get clean water from a dirty cistern. Eventually you will have the issue and the ONLY way to solve the problem is to have it cleaned professionally by Environmental Cistern Cleaning.

We are affordable, guarantee our work and in a few hours will take care of your problem, and we are local here in BC on Vancouver Island.

See what others think of our service https://cleancistern.com/testimonials/ you too can have a great looking cistern interior cleaned and ready for your water to give you the cleanliness and safety you expect.

Call us at 250-247-9797 or make your booking online https://cleancistern.com/bookings/ for ultra-fast and efficient service.

We are here to help!

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