October 6, 2022 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Rainwater Collection – illegal or not?

Whether you are a serious prepper, or just want to collect some water for garden & household use, you need some sort of a rainwater collection system. If you live in Canada, you are lucky, as it is not a criminal offence to collect rainwater in Canada (at least not yet!) as per my latest Google search. The right to harvest rain is determined by the provincial government and municipal bylaw. If you need help in the design, check out our local connections on our links page under rainwater harvesting.

If you live in the United States, however, you may not be so lucky… Colorado and Utah have apparently the heaviest regulations in that regard, so check your local laws!

We came across an article that gives tips on setting up a rainwater collection system. Please read the article Prepper essentials: Tips for setting up a rainwater collection system by Zoey Sky from September 2022 to get all the details. There is also a ‘How To’ video further down on that article.