April 2, 2020 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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This is not quite how we arrive…

but we sure like to make sure everyone’s protected.

Environmental Cistern Cleaning with serious care… seriously

Thank you everyone! We hope you are staying safe and keeping well.

In response to inquiries and concerns of what effect COVID-19 will have on us being able to continue to offer our cistern and reservoir cleaning services, we would like to update you to our news and availability.

Essential Service

As an “essential services” company we have followed the advice of the health professionals and for the past two weeks our (no symptoms) team has been sequestered in self-imposed isolation, waiting to resume our cistern and reservoir cleaning service after this isolation period ends.

So yes! A positive response to the many inquiries… As of Monday, April 6th 2020, our self-imposed isolation will be complete (and assuming everything is still ok) we will be available to clean water cisterns and reservoirs from this date forward.

Our first available open date is Friday April 10th and we are accepting cistern cleaning bookings for this date and into the future.


Yours and our safety is paramount and here’s what we do to ensure this.

As an existing customer of ours you may recall, we don’t need to have any person-to-person contact when we clean your cistern.

To this end we have put into place additional measures and safety protocols to ensure you and ourselves are not put at any risk whatsoever.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when we arrive.


It all starts with a complete disinfection of the immediate area of the cistern and includes an exterior disinfection of the cistern, any taps/ valves which may require turning off/on and any touched places by the cleaning technician before and after cleaning.

disinfection of equipmentWe use high strength Hydrogen Peroxide – a contact sterilant – for disinfection throughout the process.

At the conclusion of the cistern cleaning and removal of dirt and sediment from the interior, our cleaning technician will then disinfect the cistern interior and the remaining water in the cistern will be treated to ensure continuing safe use of the water.

EPA confirmation of Hydrogen Peroxide efficacy…

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – under its Emerging Viral Pathogen program – last week released a list of disinfectants it said are qualified for use against the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19. Hydrogen Peroxide is included.

This means Hydrogen Peroxide is effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Additional benefits of our Hydrogen Peroxide treatment include interior disinfection of plumbing lines flowing from the cistern throughout the house when flushed through with the treated water for a few minutes.

The good news continues…

Smell gone

Well owners experiencing “rotten egg” odors will be pleased to know our cleaning and treatment eliminates this, tout de suite!

And if you are one of the many, adding rainwater collection to your water mix – good news also! The benefits of rainwater collection far outweigh any downsides.


But if you live in an area with trees close by, you may find pollen is a problem certain times of the year exacerbated in windy weather. Blowing from the trees onto your roof and eventually entering your cistern with the rain as it washes off the roof…

The lesson here is to never forget to disconnect downspouts in pollen season!

Otherwise you will probably smell an odor once described as being like the smell of a backed up septic system! But don’t worry if this happens, we can remove the pollen from the cistern, still leaving the water in your cistern, and at the same time eliminating the smell.

Water Taste

If you choose to drink your cistern water after our cleaning and disinfection you will undoubtedly notice it tastes better and for many, the oxygenated water the Hydrogen Peroxide process creates is a welcome relief from previously uninteresting tasting water.

Anaerobic Environment

You see, when cisterns are dirty and contain decomposing leaves, sludge, dead critters both large and small, an anaerobic environment is created which becomes the perfect breeding ground for E-Coli, pathogens, cryptosporidium, and viruses in the water.

In addition to the danger created by the decomposing debris, water often has a flat and bland taste. The reason for this is, you are drinking “dead water”- all oxygen has been consumed by the organic materials that have collected over time in the bottom of the cistern or reservoir.

The end result is water that not only tastes bland and flat but has few if any health benefits.

Hydrogen Peroxide & your Septic System

We are often asked if the Hydrogen Peroxide will “kill” a septic system. Quite the opposite!

If you happen to have a septic system you will be happy to know your septic system will work better and with greater efficiency after our cleaning and disinfection, because a septic needs to have oxygen to ensure it is working to its optimum. Unlike bleach or chlorine, which will kill the septic field (or you), Hydrogen Peroxide will not do any harm to your system and you and it will keep on smiling!

Do it for your Health

So, whether you are an existing customer or thinking about if you should have your cistern or reservoir cleaned, this is probably one of the best things you can do for your health. Reliability, cleanliness, and providing you with the best and safest cistern or reservoir cleaning is what we are famous for.

Still unsure?

Go to https://cleancistern.com/testimonials/ and read what others think of our Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning Service – entering our 8th year of business.

We are always there to provide help, knowledge, and assistance.

call usOne phone call to 250-247-9797 will get all your questions answered, and if you feel like booking a cistern or reservoir cleaning on-line, please go to: https://cleancistern.com/bookings/

We’ll take excellent care of you and your cistern or reservoir!