April 22, 2020 Sabina Montgomery-Swan

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Bee in pollen

Bee frolicking in the pollen on a flower.

Pollen Time is Here…

And to add to the problem, spring has sprung, and with it, many trees etc. are in bloom and with that comes the dreaded (unless you are a bee) pollen.

On top of it, drought conditions are here as well. As of April 1, 2020 we are in Stage 1 of Watering Restrictions (in Nanaimo), and we have the added directive to wash our hands frequently (due to the C-19 thing, you know what we mean, let’s not name it again…). Now how can you wash your hands (successfully), if you don’t have any clean water or hardly any water at all?

The Cistern Cleaning Conundrum of 2020…

We keep being asked: “Should I collect dirty rainwater, or bypass downspouts… and let the dirty rain water go to waste?”

With the likelihood of drought conditions lasting for several months, our advice…bring in the rainwater, the dirt, and pollen, the roof debris, – bring it all in…collect as much water as you can!

Dirt, pollen and all the other nasty stuff that will end up in your cistern – we’ll get rid of it when we clean your cistern, and we won’t have to throw away your water to do it!

We are famous for preserving the water when we clean cisterns, so go ahead and collect as much as you can!

discharge of dirt
Your garden can benefit from the discharge of dirt – let’s re-use that precious water

Water is going to be scarce again this summer and refills are expensive.

In addition to cleaning the cistern, if requested we’ll also disinfect it with Hydrogen Peroxide, which has just been approved as an effective disinfectant for COVID-19 by the EPA. No more dirt. No more smell. Safe Water.

Relax in the knowledge that no water will be wasted during the cleaning of the cistern. The dirty water we do have to discharge, can be utilized to water your garden (all organic).

Entering our 8th year in the business of cleaning water cisterns and reservoirs, we have gained an enviable reputation as being the go-to company for cistern cleaning.

Have a look at our review page and see what your fellow cistern users say about our service.

We’re ready when you need us…

So keep on collecting all that dirty rainwater…but remember to contact us when you want your cistern rid of all the dirt… we’ll leave you the water you preciously saved in a nicely cleaned cistern!

nicely cleaned cistern ready for your use
Nice and clean cistern – ready for your use

To keep yourself and our cleaning technician safe, we ask that you adhere to the social distancing requirement of 6 feet during the entire cleaning. Our cleaning technician will spray the cistern area with hydrogen peroxide before and after the cleaning process is complete. No person to person physical contact is needed at any time:

  • Cleanings can be booked online, via phone (250-247-9797) or email (info@cleancistern.com).
  • Cleanings are done with our enhanced disinfection protocol in place, and
  • Payments can be done via e-transfer, Quickbooks online (via the link in the invoice you will receive by email) or over the phone with all major credit cards being accepted at no extra charge.

We hope you all stay safe!

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