March 2, 2020 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Water Conservation

Balancing water conservation, safety and solving turbidity problems in water reservoirs and cisterns is one of the specialties of Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning.

Boiled water advisories caused by turbidity have been a way of life for many Canadians, especially First Nations communities.

Quietly, our experienced team has solved this problem on multiple occasions.

Since 2013 the unique technology and methodologies pioneered by our company have proven effective in eliminating turbidity caused by silt and sediment on the reservoir floor.        

This Failure of dirt and sediment not being removed from reservoirs causes incoming water to stir up this dirt and circulate dirt laden water throughout the reservoir or cistern.

At Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning, we solve this problem by removing the underlying cause – silt and sediment build-up on the bottom of the reservoir or cistern.

reservoir cleaningOur developed and perfected unique environmental techniques and methodologies provide an ideal solution, dovetailing perfectly with the BC Climate Action Charter for cities and townships, communities, and central water system users to maximize water conservation during cistern and reservoir cleanings.

This new ROV technology enables us to remove sediment and silt from all sizes of reservoirs up to 5 million gallons capacity (depending on layout).

Our custom ROV (remotely operated vehicle) commissioned by us in 2019 has already been put to good use removing silt and sediment from The Town of Lake Cowichan’s 1,000,000 gallon reservoir, Village of Alert Bay central water reservoir of 250,000 gallons, in addition to Western Forest Products community of Holberg – 100,000 gallon reservoir, and The Haven Retreat and conference centre on Gabriola also 100,000 gallon reservoir.

All suffered the same problem; copious amounts of dirt causing turbid conditions and inhibiting effective water treatment for their respective water systems.

Our ROV reservoir cleanings have presented large water users with a solution hereto unknown and until recently, unavailable.

We discovered in some cases annual reservoir cleanings had not occurred because the then current methods always offered only two alternatives:

Either, drain the entire reservoir to empty, have a cleaning crew trained in confined space with all the attendant safety rigs, testing equipment, and personnel, enter the reservoir and manually clean.

Or, hire a team of divers to manually clean the reservoir- both methods exposing workers to dangerous working conditions in confined space and each coming with high liability potential.

Additionally, this aforementioned way of reservoir and cistern cleaning causes a huge Environmental impact!

For example: a 1-million-gallon reservoir cleaning actually uses two + million gallons of water.

One million gallons to be discharged into the environment to empty prior to cleaning, and another one million gallons to refill in addition to water required to hose down and clean the interior!

In the meantime, some communities in the past had their water supply “shut off” during cleaning, inconveniencing many people but also adding a potential fire department crisis if the reservoir water is used for fire and can’t be accessed until refilling occurs…

The Environmental Cost

Extrapolating these numbers across the province and its clearly apparent millions or possibly hundreds of millions of gallons of water are wasted anytime reservoirs are cleaned in this environmentally harmful fashion.

 7 years of proven success helping the Climate Action Mandate meet its goals

Our unique and proprietary environmental cistern and reservoir cleaning techniques ensure:

  • No emptying of the cistern or reservoir
  • No interruption of service
  • No personnel enter the reservoir
  • No confined space issues and insurance liabilities
  • No contamination issues
  • No chemicals used in the cleaning process
  • Lesser cleaning time and financial costs

Experience the Environmental Solution to Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning and see why we are the company of choice with our water conservation methods.

Since 2013, the founding year of Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning, these proprietary water conservation techniques have saved over 40 million litres of water from being discharged, and negating the usual refilling need of cisterns and reservoirs.

Putting this into perspective; these water savings are the equivalent of 80 million standard size water bottles.

And these – if laid end to end – would stretch for 17,000 kilometers, almost half-way around the world!

Big Solution + Big Water Savings = Big Environmental advantage.

Exclusively available from Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning.

Our aquifers need all the help they can get.

Call now for your reservoir or cistern cleaning.


P.S. Reminder! Health Canada recommends the cleaning of water cisterns and reservoirs on an annual basis, check yours and you’ll see why this recommendation is suggested.