June 2, 2020 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Pasley Island added to our service area…

No ferry access? No worries!

Kaman flying with Randy to Pasley Island

Kaman, our cleaning technician flying with Randy from Pacific Seaplanes to Pasley Island for a cistern cleaning job.

Pasley, a small island between Bowen and Keats islands at the entrance to Howe Sound is now officially added to the list of our service locations. We are happy to announce that another customer was able to have his 3 x 1500 gallon cisterns cleaned utilizing our Fly–in/Fly-out service.

Wherever you are located, either on any of the Gulf Islands or in any other remote coastal community, we can fly there with our friends from Pacific Seaplanes in no time whatsoever. Thanks to the professionalism of ‘our’ amazing pilot Randy Hannah from Pacific Seaplanes, we were able to deliver our services to our new client on Pasley Island and completed everything in just one long day.

We can now offer our Environmental Cistern Cleaning service on all the Gulf Islands including:

  • Pasley Island

    New Island being serviced by Environmental Cistern Cleaning: Pasley Island

    New: Pasley Island

  • Ruxton
  • Valdes
  • Mudge
  • De Courcy
  • Thetis
  • Kuper
  • Galiano
  • Prevost
  • Mayne
  • North and South Pender
  • Saturna
  • Portland
  • Moresby
  • James
  • Sidney (and of course Gabriola… where Environmental Cistern Cleaning began over 7 years ago) as well as the islands that we previously serviced like Vancouver Island, Saltspring, Denman & Hornby.

Our customer wanted to have a cistern that was ‘spotless’ – and he got it!

dirty ribbed cistern

‘before’ image of really hard to clean ribbed cistern

spotless cistern

‘after’ image of spotless cistern after many hours of scrubbing

Kaman performed another ‘miracle’ – wouldn’t you agree?

We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated young man as part of our team.

If you would like to add yourself to our growing list of customers, contact us now. Visit our website and book your cleaning now at https://cleancistern.com/bookings and get ready to enjoy amazing water from a clean cistern!

Internet not your thing? Then call us at 250-247-9797, and we’ll advise, and answer all your questions!



By Grazyna Chrobok