May 20, 2021 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

What would happen...

If I never had my Water Cistern cleaned?

As water cistern and reservoir cleaning experts let’s examine what we would typically find in a rainwater collection cistern which hasn’t been cleaned in a couple of years.

Scavenger hunt findings in a cistern

First thing we typically notice is the unmistakable rank odor associated with pollen festering in the water – this glutinous stinky mess suspends in water and once it gets into the plumbing system proper, the taste and smell may remind you of a failed septic system…

This doesn’t help with water taste!

Further investigation reveals worms, wood bugs, and roof sludge predominating the findings on the floor of the cistern. Not to be outdone by a couple of 4 legged creatures that have gone for a one-way swim and lie motionless on the floor, legs pointing skywards.

A birds skeletal remains prompts the possibility of water borne diseases caused by dead rodents and other similar critters.

E-Coli, Cryptosporidium, Viruses etc., thrive and multiply in these oxygen deprived environments…, further exacerbated by the presence of decaying leaves, pine needles and bird poop…

What comes down, will go in...

Remember – whatever lands on your roof will eventually make its way into your water cistern!

Despite advertisers claims we have yet to see a truly effective roof-dirt filtering system. – All will allow some crud in there – and it needs to be removed.

Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning experts pioneered the technology and methodology and know how to clean water cisterns and reservoirs with close to zero Environmental impact.     

Without water wastage, and no chemicals used in the cleaning process, we clean cisterns with the least environmental consequences. We do not enter the confined space of a cistern, thereby removing danger to cleaning personnel. That in turn ensures No liability worries for the homeowner or hiring agent.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Cistern Cleaning. The Standard. After your water cistern is cleaned, a Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection treatment is available, disinfecting the cistern interior walls and stored water.  

In addition, as disinfected water moves through the house plumbing it also will disinfect and help to remove organic material coating the interior of plumbing lines and pipes.

A major added good health bonus

Hydrogen Peroxide oxygenated water plays a positive role for your health. Additionally, this oxygenated water also enhances your septic field operation.

You now know there is an almost 100% guarantee of the contents of your water storage cistern resembling the “before” pictures and descriptions below:

This is what can happen if you don't clean your water storage cistern...

Be Safety Conscious  

Call Environmental Cistern Cleaning to return your cistern to this kind of condition:

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Either way, let us take care of your water cistern cleaning – the before and after change will amaze you.

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