March 5, 2019 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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dirty water in glass

Why is my Well Water Yellow and Brown… and other colours of the Rainbow?

The question has been posed many times this year! And the reason is quite fundamental.

Copious amounts of rain and slow melting snow have created the ideal conditions for the discoloration of ground water…Imagine this scenario; the ground is saturated with water and rather like a sponge soaks up water, becomes sodden and slowly drips. This similar event is going on throughout the Aquifer.

As the groundwater slowly gravity feeds into the Aquifer strata, it brings with it the dirt and surface water discoloration.

This combination of organic material and dirt enters the Aquifer where it mixes with all the sodden strata, before making its way to your well!

From there, this water continuously enters the well, and gets pumped into the house water cistern.

But worse still, if there is no water cistern, the water is drawn directly into the house plumbing without any chance of settling (in a water cistern).

This influx of dirt -and it can be microscopic – helps to line your pressure tank, hot water tank and internal plumbing with dirt which will build up over time and will call for premature replacement of these expensive and necessary components of the water system in the house.

Without a cistern to deposit the dirt, the only barrier between the well water and house consumption would be some sort of filter…but filters do not stop discoloration of the water – they are only dirt stoppers which rapidly plug up and can be costly to replace every few weeks, or in some cases days.

This colour caused by turbidity and organic material is inherent throughout the water chain, from the well to the house.

So, is there a solution?

Luckily Yes!

If as a homeowner living in rural paradise(!) you installed a water cistern as part of the house water infrastructure, then you are halfway home… Because the cistern also acts as a “dirt depositor” collecting most of the unwanted dirt, in the water cistern which helps to “contain” the dirt in one place.

Remove the dirt and discoloration will lessen because tannins and other organic material is the major cause of discolored water.

The other half of solving the puzzle?

Getting the cistern cleaned…and who better to do this than Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc.

Specializing in the cleaning of water cisterns over the last 6+ years, in an Environmentally safe and efficient manner, saving the Environment and you, money.

Environmental Cistern Cleaning will solve the dirt issue and save your water from having to be thrown away, so no costly refill is required.

Incorporating our disinfection treatment using Hydrogen Peroxide also ensures the water cistern, water content, and all the plumbing lines are flushed together with any ancillary equipment including pumps, pressure tanks and hot water tanks. All are treated, thereby ensuring the best quality water and safety for all residents of the home.

This is a busy time, so best to reserve your booking for your cistern to be cleaned!

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By Geoffrey Montgomery-Swan