March 5, 2020 Sabina Montgomery-Swan
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Corona-virus & your immune system…

So how does our Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning ensure your continued good health during this ongoing corona-virus outbreak?

corona virus preventionWe play a vital role in the ongoing assurance of good quality water from your cistern or reservoir, with additional benefits of disinfection using the premier “contact sterilant”, Hydrogen Peroxide.

This Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection will ensure your water health protection extends throughout your water system and water.

Added benefits of disinfection

This, in addition to removing odors & disinfecting the plumbing lines in your home even enhances the effectiveness of your septic system (which needs oxygen to operate at peak efficiency).

Another side benefit: water tastes great after our cleanings and disinfection with Hydrogen Peroxide, and ongoing benefits extend beyond taste, adding oxygen to your water for enhanced tastiness, safety, and protection!

Worth remembering: our immune system is the vanguard of our physicality.

An attention lapse could possibly cause serious health consequences.

It becomes vitally important to ensure our bodies have all the best elements guarding us and ensuring we can fight and guard against illness with a strong immune system.

Other major health benefits of our cistern and reservoir cleaning service include:

Our water cistern cleanings remove dangerous and immune weakening elements such as:

E-Coli, Viruses, Pathogens, Total Coliforms etc. and all, or some, can be present in dirty water cisterns and reservoirs.

Remember E-Coli breeds in oxygen-deficient water (anaerobic) and the only way to ensure safety, is to physically remove it, which is done through our cistern and reservoir cleaning process.

Water sources

When water is collected from a well, unwanted common elements entering with well water are manganese, iron, clay, nitrates, etc.

But for those who rely upon rainwater harvesting as part of their water collection process, there are different unwanted contaminants which enter a rainwater cistern collection system.

Include on this list: expired birds, pine needles, critters, mice, and even rats! Yes, we’ve removed these from a number of cisterns whose owners were totally unaware of this danger and were shocked when shown their presence during our cleanings… But let’s not forget everyone’s favorite…


Yes, that pungent smelling stink that will make you wonder if your septic system has backed up. For those who haven’t encountered pollen and are new to rainwater harvesting, this is exactly how pollen smells when left in a cistern more than a few days.

So maybe not the corona-virus cure but a necessary part of good hygiene starts with a clean cistern cleaned by Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning.

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…After all, it’s your own health you need to take care of. Let us ensure you have the best tools for your body’s immune system. A clean and disinfected water cistern or reservoir from Environmental Cistern and Reservoir Cleaning is a good start.